Docker and Kubernetes Workshops in Switzerland

We are proud to offer Docker and Kubernetes Workshops in Zurich, Switzerland together with our partner 8gears AG. Vadim Bauer of 8gears AG has already given »

The 5 Minutes Kubernetes Setup

We really like Kuberenetes and believe it is a great system to run Docker containers. And today version 1.0 was released. A good opportunity to »

Getting Started with runC

This week the Open Container Project was introduced at DockerCon in San Francisco together with runC, a CLI tool to run containers. runC is a wrapper »

Ad Hoc Log Analysis with Kibana and Docker

Recently, one of our clients had an issue with thousands of requests with an unknown origin. It was quickly clear that the requests haven't been malicious »

Building a Docker Based Platform

Last week on February, 4th I gave a talk at the Rubyonrails Meetup in Zurich, Switzerland about how to build a Docker based platform for web »

Fixing Terminal on Docker exec

The best way to get access to a running Docker container is to use the exec-command docker exec -it <container> /bin/bash. It drops »


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