Welcome to CloudGear, the new container platform company founded by Georg Kunz to provide companies and their developers with a modern, distributed and highly available infrastructure platform.

If you've used platforms like Heroku but need a solution which is more flexible and works behind your firewall, or when you're tired of your configuration management system and your infrastructure got brittle over time, then we want to help you set up a state of the art infrastructure based around containers.

Join our beta list to test drive our platform.

Your infrastructure should support you in deploying microservices, doing continuous integration and delivery and it should be doing it with as little effort as possible from your side. Our aim is even more ambitious. We want to provide you a platform and service that leaves you with zero operation duties. Meaning that you can focus 100% of your valuable time on your product and software development. You should not invest hours to just setup another database required by your developers or care about the APIs and speciallities of your cloud provider of choice. It should be taken care of by us. And with our platform, operations that used to take weeks will take minutes or less.

If this sounds appealing to you or if you are generally interested in the technology we use like containers, Docker, service discovery with Consul or Etcd, microservices and so on, then you should follow our blog or @cloudgear_net.

If you're even more interested, please join our beta list or directly get in touch with us to discuss possibilities to improve your development and/or production environment already today.
You can also find Georg at many relevant meetups (Docker, Ruby, ...) in Germany, Switzerland and at conferences throughout Europe.

We are extremly excited and looking forward to presenting our platform to many interested developers and companies.

By the way, the name CloudGear was chosen because our offer will be modular and we put together the gear required to build your tailored cloud.

Our Product and Services

Our offer is based on the product we are developing and consists of additional services.

The product is, as mentioned before, a distributed and highly available infrastructure platform to run any kind of services as Docker containers. It provides many features out of the box. It is a modern PaaS and a replacement for today's complicated configuration management tools. More details about our product can be found on our website.

Additionally, we are offering companies consulting, training and software development around our product and its ecosystem: namely support in adopting microservice architectures by using containers and service discovery (Docker, Consul, etcd, CoreOS, ...).

What's Next

Our container platform is currently in an early alpha stadium. It's already usable and an tremendous help to deploy distributed applications with Docker.

On February 4th, 2015, we will give our first public presentation at the Rails Meetup in Switzerland. There will be an overview of the requirements for a flexible container platform and a demonstration how CloudGear addresses these needs.

Additionally, we will open source some components like a flexible HTTP proxy very soon. And already today you can find our public Docker images on GitHub, especially the Ghost Image, with PostgreSQL support, running this blog.

Photo “Seedlings” by russellstreet licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.